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10 benefits from being in a relationship with your polar opposite


The key rule of a healthy relationship says: find a person who shares your tastes, your interests and views. But sometimes we see that two completely different people are absolutely happy in a relationship. So, how could it happen? Can the saying “opposites attract” really work?

Introverts and extraverts, morning birds and night owls, planners and impulsives – sometimes we are attracted to people who counters some of our inclinations with complementary tendencies.

We tried to find out what can keep such people together and here are 10 reasons why people choose to be in a relationship with their polar opposites (and maybe you should, too).

#1. Your polar opposite will get you out of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the primary way to self-development and personal growth. But usually people are afraid to take the first step or just don`t know where to start.

In a relationship with your opposite you`ll be in a continuous interaction with a completely different world, so, you`ll have to get out of your cocoon time after time.

#2. You`ll get priceless advice.

The advice given by people who are similar to you is usually something that you know by yourself. Can they tell you anything new? But advice from your polar opposite will be absolutely unique and it will make you look at the problem from quite another angle.

#3. You`ll learn new things.

Because they are interested in completely different things than you are, your polar opposites will introduce you to knowledge and skills that would hardly happen in your life otherwise. You just wouldn`t even know about the things that are normal for your partner.

#4. You`ll get less judgmental.

As far as your partner will make you seeing and doing things that you would never have been inclined to, you`ll become more open-minded and loyal to others. You won`t judge people for doing things you`ve never tried.

#5. You’ll get into more little fights.

Little fights are normal and even beneficial for a healthy relationship. When your significant other is your polar opposite, there will be more arguments simply because your tastes and opinions differ. But if you learn how to handle them in a proper way, it will spice up and strengthen your relationship.

#6. You`ll learn to be more compromising.

Ability to find a compromise is a great personal trait and actually it is askill that a person can learn. Maintaining a relationship with your polar opposite, you will become a guru of compromise.

#7. You`ll get to know yourself better.

Interacting constantly with a person whose world is so much different from yours, you`ll know for sure which things you love and which things you can`t stand. A relationship with your polar opposite will be a ‘testing field’ where you`ll constantly explore each other`s interests, likes and opinions. Maybe your partner does something you find super attractive, but you never would have realized it earlier! Or, you may just ensure that you`ve been right to dislike something.

#8. You`ll complete each other.

In marital psychology polar opposites are referred as ‘complements’ and it`s not difficult to guess why: absolutely different people can fill the gaps in each other`s life and you both will feel more complete.

#9. You won`t have to share food.

A great point, isn`t it? Your polar opposite is likely to hate the food you love. So, if you are a person who doesn`t like sharing, you`ll be only glad to peacefully enjoy your favorite snacks.

#10.  You won`t be really bored

People often end up their relationships just because they get bored. When your loved one is your opposite, there won`t be a place for boredom in your life. These differences between you and your partner will keep your relationship from dying out and you`ll never feel a lack of excitement.

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