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100 rules which can change your life completely

  1. Start your day with thanks for everything you have.
  2. Wake up early.
  3. Drink much water.
  4. Take contrast shower.
  5. Plan your day.
  6. Set the goals but don`t get attached to them.
  7. Forgive your friends and your enemies, forgive others their imperfections.
  8. Spend at least 15 minutes outdoors every day, and 30-60 minutes would be better.
  9. Do not drink after a meal.
  10. Avoid negative environment.
  11.  If you have to be in a destructing environment, learn “reverse”, learn which kind of person not to be.
  12.  Remain faithful to your dream.
  13.  Surround yourself with worthy people, who will contribute to your realization.
  14.  Do sports every day.
  15.  During the crisis fulfill the minimum program.
  16.  Learn from a professional master who can speed up your professional growth.
  17.  Work enjoying.
  18.  If you don`t like the work but it is necessary for your growth and it brings goals closer you should continue doing it.
  19.  If you don`t like the work and it doesn`t bring closer the goals just quit this work.
  20.  Believe in yourself.
  21.  Breathe deeply during the day as often as possible.
  22.  Pray or meditate during the day, clean your soul.
  23.  Renew the playlist of your favorite songs time after time. Listen to these songs when you need an energy charge.
  24.  Find the best teachers in every sphere of your life and learn from them.
  25.  Give 10 percent of your profit to charity.
  26.  Don’t skimp on praise, especially for your team.
  27.  Be emotional in praise and restrained in critics.
  28.  Remember whatever a nice thing you would do there is always somebody unpleased. It is inevitable.
  29.  When you are a success be thankful for the victory. When you fail be thankful for the experience.
  30.   Sometimes be a child, let yourself to fool around.
  31.  Remember that the most important things should be done first of all.
  32.  Apply the principal “two in one” as often as possible (doing sport while listening to audio books, morning cleaning and motivating video).
  33.  To feel happy with your work think only of the feedback, not about the money you get.
  34.  Aim to the growth, don`t be afraid of obstacles.
  35.  Remember, to reach the excellence in any work you need at least 10 thousand hours of a hard work.
  36.  Tiny everyday improvements lead to a great success.
  37.  Greet people and smile at them. Only a strong and successful person can afford to be the first to show goodwill.
  38.  The only worthy standard is the best one.
  39.  Nicely say good bye to those who don`t contribute to your potential realization.
  40.  If they are your relatives just love them and accept them as they are. They won`t probably ever change.
  41.  Don`t try to change anybody. Trying to change people around is the way to unhappiness.
  42.  Inspiration comes as a result of the right way of living.
  43.  The worse the food is and the less you move, the less is your desire and passion for work.
  44.  Be a ‘lift’ for people. Help them to get higher.
  45.  Try to understand the people criticizing you. They are unrealized people and there is no bigger pleasure for them than expressing their disapproval.
  46.  If the critic has a qualification and he is sincere, pal up with him. He can help you to become better and you should find the way to show your gratitude for his contribution to your success.
  47.  Things in your past and those waiting for you in future are the reflection of what you have at the moment of your life.
  48.  Your motivation should come from the inside. If there is no motivation there are only two reasons: either you have no energy, or you are doing the wrong activity.
  49.  Never take a vital decision in a bad mood. First come into positive peak condition and then decide how to live farther.
  50.  Read your e-mail, Twitter and Facebook two times a day. Not more.
  51.  Words inspire and words destruct. Be sensitive and attentive when you choose them.
  52.  To love a man is to help him to realize himself. Even in prejudice of your own desires.
  53.  Enjoy loneliness.
  54.  It is never late to start a new business, take a new habit or have a new hobby. Keep looking for something which will open your mind.
  55.  The possibility and capacity to inspire others for their potential realization is the greatest reward of all.
  56.  Keep a diary of success, especially on those points at which you work most of all.
  57.  Accomplish agreements. Don`t promise anything if you are not sure you are able to do it.
  58.  Avoid gossips.
  59.  Follow the news, politics and economics, develop spherically.
  60.  But remember that the sense of life is in deep understanding of the laws of the universe and following them. This leads to happiness.
  61.  “Among the active and the clever the active win. And among the active win the most intelligent”. Combine intelligence and activity.
  62.  Analyze every significant event in your life. What lessons have you taken of them?
  63.  Stop doing anything which doesn`t contribute to your realization.
  64.  Eat more alkalizing food (raw vegetables) and healthy fats (avocados, nuts, vegetable oils)
  65.  The better is your physical health, the more energy you have and the more useful you are for the world.
  66.  Your home is where you live.
  67.  Break the attachments chains. Be free and give the freedom to those whom you love.
  68.  Once a week allow yourself to do nothing. Probably these will be the happiest, full and productive days in your life.
  69.  Do the important creative work when you are in a peak condition.
  70.  While doing some creative activities don`t be diverted by immediate but unnecessary things.
  71.  Keep in mind the balance between the material and the spiritual. Don`t take a fancy to one forgetting about another.
  72.  Study the lives of great people.
  73.  Surround yourself with the most talented and happiest people you`ve ever met.
  74.  Never take anything from a man if you are not ready to give him something he needs from you.
  75.  If you have been betrayed, you are the one to blame.
  76.  The higher you fly the more it hurts when you fall. Get ready for the defeat (strengthen the rear and create a reliable team).
  77.  Defeats are inevitable. They are your main teachers. Love them.
  78.  The more serious the defeat is, the harder you should work for your next victory. A real success is measured by the distance from the deepest defeat to the next rise.
  79.  Be open to people who are close to you spiritually and stay reserved with those who is far from your values.
  80.  Always keep all the agreements in a written form. Sometimes people forget or just ignore them.
  81.  Be generous with generous people and be greedy with greedy ones. Then you won`t violate the law of energy exchange.
  82.  In order to give people much you should take much from life. It can be quality food, a quality rest, sport, swimming, sun, communication.
  83.  Remember that very often “a black stripe becomes a runway”.
  84.  Aim for the generosity in all respects.
  85.  Develop your internal grace – the combination of kindness, wise and dignity.
  86.  Don`t take into consideration the people from your past. There is always the reason for them not to be in your future.
  87.  The best investments are the investments in your education and relations.
  88.  “A wall is a stair, you just have to grow to it
  89.  At the end of your life you will regret more about what you haven`t done than about what you`ve done.
  90.  “Sometimes a step forward is a result of a good kick in the pants”. The people who succeeded in your business can serve as this motivating kick.
  91.  The bigger is responsibility, the bigger is the power. The bigger is the power, the bigger is your ability to help other people. The more you help others, the happier you become.
  92.  Regularly clean up your life and get rid of garbage.
  93.  Always tell people about your expectations and find out what they expect from you before being involved in any relations or making a deal. 99 percent of offences are the result of misunderstanding of the opponent.
  94.  Life is like riding a bike: if you feel difficulty it means you are riding up the hill.
  95.  Time after time take risks. This trains your intuition and character.
  96.  Buy a new dress for yourself at least once a month. And shoes. Or a hat. Or buy some domestic appliances. Don`t stop giving pleasure to yourself with material things. You are a woman!
  97.  Madonna is an example of becoming a superstar without any special talent. Mother Teresa showed how to change the world by serving. Opra teaches how to overcome any trials and become the most authoritative woman on television. Deva Premal shows healing people`s souls trough the music. Remember about the uniqueness of these women and develop your individuality.
  98.  The main task of a woman is learning to love, creating comfort and gracious atmosphere wherever you are.
  99.  Love all, be friends with few, stay with one.
  100.   Happiness is your maximal realization in all spheres of life.

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