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11 Situations Where Parents Went Above And Beyond For Their Kids


There are lots of responsibilities that all parents share, but sometimes they find really unique and impressive ways to stand out to their kids.

As you’ll see below, parents often go to extraordinary (and adorable) measures to keep their kids happy and confident.

Which brilliant idea would you most want to steal?

Hairdresser Dad

Not only did this dad step up his game after first learning to braid his daughter’s hair, but he actually started a hairstyling school for other dad’s to offer their girls the same awesome treatment.

It’s called the Dadd Daughter Hair Factory, and as you can tell from the pic above, the finished products are no joke.

Yoga Mom

Laura Kasperzak found that yoga didn’t just serve to get her kids both active AND peaceful, but was also a great way to spend time with her kids doing something together.

She never forced her kids to jump on board, but she did tell them why she did it, and that was enough for the kids to want to tag along.


This is a strange image, no doubt, but it’s one with a terrific story behind it. This dad’s little girl wanted him to go shopping for her doll, so he had no issue taking “her” to Goodwill for some outfits and socks.

The doll’s name is Davey, just in case you were wondering.

His Own Private Blockbuster

via: Twitter

A Twitter user’s brother suffered from autism and was devastated when his favorite video rental joint shut its doors, as so many are doing. His parents more than made up for the heartbreak by installing the son’s very own Blockbuster, stocked with cartoons, in their house.

The son loves it, and the parents should be put up for an award with this type of awesome effort.

Hearing Aid Tattoo

via: Imgur

When this man’s daughter got a cochlear implant, her dad was quick to get its likeness tattooed on the side of his head to show his girl that she wasn’t alone. A bold move, but one she surely appreciates.

Disney Villain Mom

Camillia Courts went above and beyond to help her daughter overcome her shyness. To get her feeling confident and at ease, the mom and daughter would dress up as iconic Disney princess and villain duos.

They do one a month, and I’m pretty sure their audience likes the tradition as much as they do!

A Class Ring From Friends

via: Reddit

When one high school Senior’s family couldn’t afford a class ring for their son, their family friends stepped in with a wonderful gesture, offering up a ring with the engraved words “To our other son…”

Pretty great, isn’t it?

A Family Affair

Divorces can shake out in very unpleasant ways, but this family has stuck together at their kids’ events to show that now they’ve got a cheering section of four parents, rather than two, to show their support.

The jerseys showing the relationship are a nice touch, too.

A Pokemon Halloween

via: Imgur

This family took cosplay to an awesome level when their son expressed interest in the game for Halloween. The son’s Ash, the little girl is Pikachu, the mom’s Misty, and the dad’s Brock. Pretty great pic!

Celeb Dad

Just because you’re a movie star doesn’t mean you don’t want to do the little things for your kids. Here’s Chris Hemsworth putting together a dinosaur cake for his daughter’s birthday. A pretty great job for an amateur!


Sometimes the best things a parent can do are the projects that keep THEM sane. This dad found a way to cart his triplets(!) around without the usual bickering you would get from siblings seated three-wide in a car. The drive-thru work said his idea was nothing short of brilliant.


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