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12 simple rules of healthy eating

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Here is a list of simple rules to regulate your diet. Following them you`ll soon notice that you feel much better and lighter.

1.Eat to live and not live to eat.

Nutrition isn`t a destination point, it`s a means of reaching the goal. Realize the highest meaning of your life, your purpose and eat only healthy food.

2.Hunger is true and appetite is false.

Appetite is a desire to eat something tasty. Hunger is readiness to eat any food (like after a long walk outdoors or after labor hours). It is also a clear knowledge which food your body needs at the moment.

Animals eat only when they feel hungry but a human is spoiled with the abundance. Willpower, self-control and eating only when feeling hungry quickly eliminate your excess weight, remove toxins and make you healthier.

Stop eating earlier than you are full. When you`ve filled your stomach to a half you should leave a quarter of its volume for water and another quarter for free motion of digested food and expanding gases.  

Digestion process often takes much energy of the existing body supply. In cases of overeating or eating indigestible food it can happen so the amount of energy got of the food is equal the amount of energy spent on its digestion. In such cases a person feels sleepy, lazy and tired long after the meal. In addition, overeating is overloads digestive organs and causes their illnesses.

3.You live like you drink.

Many people think that big amounts of water cause getting fat, so they try to drink less. But actually we gain weight not because of water but of consuming too much salt that restrains water in body.

In countries with a temperate climate daily water need is 0.4-0.5 gallons in winter and 0.5-0.8 gallons in summer.

A drinking regime can help you to control the feeling of hunger- provoke it by drinking a glass of water every 15-20 minutes or not drink at all and reduce feeling hungry.

4.Drink firm food and eat liquid food.

Chew firm food until a liquid state and don’t hurry to swallow liquid food: do «tasting» tongue movements mixing the food with saliva. Only then you can swallow it.

Drinking during the meal doesn`t substitute the digestive function of saliva. It dilutes gastric juice and prevents full digestion.

5.Enjoy empty stomach.

Hold food in your mouth while you feel its taste. This technique allows to get maximum mouthfeel out of minimum food, avoid overeating, intoxication and obesity.

6.Don’t try to kill two birds with one stone.

Do not combine food with something that distracts from it. Brain centers don’t get enough information about its quality and amount. It leads to insatiability, poor chewing, wrong different foods combinations and overeating with all the consequences.

7.Morning starts in the evening.

Have meals 4 hours (or even 7 hours) before bedtime. Carbohydrate food (fruit, vegetables, crops, etc.) is completely digested in 4 hours, protein food (meat, beans, nuts, etc.) is digested in 7 hours. Normal digestion takes place only when a person is awake while the body is in vertical position.

For digestion stimulation, increasing stamina and physical strength, health improvement and life prolongation the best mean is having meal once a day during the daytime. No healthy person is really hungry just after he wakes up in the morning. A slight wish to eat anything appears in an hour after awakening but it is not that real hunger that you feel not less than in 4 hours or more after you wake up. Very seldom people feel hungry again before the bedtime. The thing which makes people think about food all the time is rather a reaction to stresses in modern life conditions.

8.Do not force yourself

If there is a need to change your habitual meals, do it gradually to give time your body to adjust to the new regime and reduce the influence of habits. A strong-willed ban doesn`t eliminate the source of predilections but it only strengthens them. A wrong approach can lead to a ‘blast’ and overeating the forbidden food.

9.Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A car owner knows that its work depends on the cleanliness of petrol, oil and air inside the motor. But not many people realize that human`s body also requires clean fuel, lubrication and regular cleaning. They smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs and waste their life power.

For natural self-cleaning your body you should fast 24-48 hours a week. At this time your digestion organs rest, clean and restore themselves. Fasting is good on the weekend when you can avoid stress and keep calm. You can drink water and herbal tea while fasting.

10.You are what you eat.

A body is made of those elements that it receives. Eat only fresh, live, clean, tasty food full of energy and vitamins. Forget about chips, sausages, mayonnaise, etc.

It`s foolish to try to eat expensive and scarce products as much as possible because they are “prestigious”. They nourish your sense of exclusivity, not your body. Many people have already understood that the real prestige is in being healthy and strong, looking nice and    feeling good.

11.Don`t mix incompatible.

Digestion of different products takes place due to acid and alkaline reactions. Mixing such products in one meal leads to acid-alkaline neutralization and producing useless salts that complicate the digestion process.

Here is a table of food matching


  • Starchy vegetables: potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin, turnips, rutabagas, etc.
  • Crops: grains, cereals, flour and flour containing food, sprouted crops.
  • Non-starchy vegetables: herbs, fresh roots, cabbages, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
  • Protein foods: beans, nuts, eggs, caviar, etc.
  • Fresh berries and fruit.
  • Dairy products, except melted butter.
  • Meat and fish (it`s better to except them gradually).
  • Herbal oils and melted butter.
  • Melons and bananas.
  • Chocolate and cocoa (in limited quantities when you need much energy)
  • Dried fruit.

12.The last dogma is “There are no dogmas”.

Choosing a regime and diet, consider the recommendations but first of all take into account your health condition and don’t forget about common sense.  




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