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15 Owners Who Seriously Regret Leaving Their Pet With The Sitter


We love our pets like family and only want what’s best for them. But we’re sometimes forced to board them in kennels, ship them off to a relative’s home or hire a neighbor with questionable common sense to make sure their daily needs are met. And we just have to hope for the best. But that’s often a big leap of faith, as shown by the following photos.

I doubt these pet owners will ever leave home again after seeing the kind of mischief their pets and sitters got into while they were away!

  1. My sister asked me to bring her dog from Dallas to Austin so I sent her this picture and said we were on the way.

I come home to my dog like this and my mom laughing hysterically in her room.

I left my niece alone with my dog… and came back to this…

My sitter said he bought a new toupe…

He said he gave the dog separation anxiety medication.

I asked my boyfriend to take the cat to the groomers and he came back looking like this…

My sitter takes dog walking very seriously…

My dad really loves Star Wars… and I let him watch my pug.

I never knew my dog was also a coaster.

He made cardboard costumes for my cat to stick her head through.

When your dog gets more pampered by the sitter than you do at the spa.

Asked how my dog was doing and my mom sent this…

I think the sitter fed my cat a balloon…

The sitter wasn’t supposed to let him in the snow… now he’s the abominable snow dog.

The sitter gave my cat a slinky. I came home to this.



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