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50 habits of slim women

To be healthy and fit you should follow certain rules. Even if you naturally have a good figure you should keep it in tone. It is so much spoken about healthy eating. It is really very important but that`s not all.

  1. Have enough sleep.
  2. Don’t worship food. Try to enjoy not what is in the fridge but the world around.
  3. Love and respect your body.
  4. Drink much water.
  5. Leave the dinner table a little hungry.
  6. Avoid short-term diets that turn your life into Hell.
  7. Do sports.
  8. Don’t envy skinny models.
  9. Buy nice clothes for yourself.
  10.  Eat only quality and tasty food.
  11.  Don’t smoke.
  12.  Don’t abuse alcohol.
  13.  Don’t eat before going to bed.
  14.  Eat small portions 3-4 times a day.
  15.  Eat healthy carbohydrates (porridge, whole grain bread, muesli, etc.).
  16.  Drink yogurt before going to bed.
  17.  Don’t abnegate any food: the Forbidden fruit is sweet.
  18.  Chew food properly.
  19.  Savor every piece of food.
  20.  Don’t get addicted to fat-free foodstuff. Food should be nutritious.
  21.  Don’t eat in front of a computer or television.
  22.  Don’t worry too much about situational overeating. Just eat less next day.
  23.  Don’t cure stress and worrying with chocolate.
  24.  Eat slowly.
  25.  Refuse junk food.
  26.  Drink tea and coffee with no sugar.
  27.  Walk much.
  28.  Have sex regularly.
  29.  Don’t drink water during meals in order not to dilute gastric juice.
  30.  Don’t try to leave your plate empty like in childhood. Don’t make yourself to eat up the entire portion.
  31.  Eat out of plates of cold colors (blue, dark green, purple).
  32.  Limit salt consumption.
  33.  Take contrast shower.
  34.  Do something interesting. Idleness provokes gluttony.
  35.  Don’t “take bits” during cooking.
  36.  Weigh only on an empty stomach.
  37.  Don’t go to the food shop when you are hungry.
  38.  Laugh more often.
  39.  Eat proteins, fruit, vegetables, greenery.
  40.  Use natural spice.
  41.  Maintain the state of being in love and happy.
  42.  Avoid people obsessed with diets.
  43.  Have fasting days time after time.
  44.  Forget negative settings such as “I`m fat” or “I`m lazy”.
  45.  Take care of your health.
  46.  Read good books. Fitness for brains is as much important as fitness for body.
  47.  Like soups.
  48.  Have massages.
  49.  Avoid baggy clothes that hide your body shape.
  50.  Have a real rest.


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