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6 things you learn from flying abroad


Travelling internationally can be such a tough process! Whether it is a business trip or visiting your relatives you always have so many things to think about! Here are some useful tips to put in order the way you travel.

1. Deciding on outfits can be a kind of challenge

You don`t know for sure what meetings and occasions this trip will bring. So it`s better to have range of clothes for different situations. You can`t take too many things. Revise all your outfits and try to choose things which can be combined easily. Try to take clothes and footwear both for long walks and for going out.

2. Choosing gifts is a hard process

If you are going to visit your relatives or friends you`ll have to prepare some presents for them. Buying gifts is hard in general. And it is even harder when you haven`t seen your loved ones for a long time. You may communicate on the phone, or Skype, but you have no idea what  perfumes they like; the jewelry and accessories they wear; you do not even know what clothes size they are.  So you decide to settle on some souvenire so that it will always bring good memories.

3. Packing luggage takes some time. And nerves.

You should be very careful when packing your luggage. Do you need to put a bottle of alcohol? Breakable items? The heels? The gifts? The perfume? Ensure you place everything properly so that it wouldn`t be damaged during the trip.


4. Travelling allows us to meet new people.

Going by bus to the airport to catch your flight? Sitting next to a stranger aboard the plane? Instead of reading a book or staring out of the window try to communicate with people.  You can always meet somebody willing to have a small talk. Exchange your points of view on different social or political issues, interesting films or books. Communication opens new possibilities.

5. Books in English are much more expensive at the airports than in regular shops.

Would you like to read during your trip? Going to a non English-speaking country? Don`t you know the local language? Then it`s better to take your own book from home. Books in the local language are not cheap at the airports but the prices on books in English are extremely high.

6. Flying by plane is exhausting.

Is the airport food court open? Can you have dinner or will you have to stay hungry? Will you be able to sleep during the flight? You never know. Passengers of planes often feel tired and irritated. And it`s not about lack of manners. The best way to avoid conflicts is watching a film or listening to music.


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