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Appearance is nothing: 9 personality traits that make a person attractive


In modern world we see how people are getting more and more obsessed with their appearance. Women go crazy with plastic surgery and other beauty procedures, men literally live in gym and feed themselves with steroids. But they don`t realize that actually physical appearance has nothing to do with person`s attractiveness. There are so many wonderful examples of people who are ultimate attractive although they can`t be called beautiful at all! The secret of their charm is in personality qualities they obtain.

Here is a list of 9 personality traits that will make you attractive regardless of your physical appearance.

1.A good sense of humor is one of the best person`s qualities. When a person is able to deliver a good joke or a funny comment flawlessly, any conversation will get livelier and more interesting. People with good sense of humor are desirable in any company.

2.Intelligence is a very attractive trait. We aren`t talking about University degree on some particular subject. It`s about the ability to deliver your opinion on various topics. If you have a broad outlook and know a bit about different things you`ll be able to give a good judgment in any conversation.

3.On the other hand the ability to listen to other people is very important, too. People appreciate when you give them chance to be your equal in a conversation. People, who show their interest in their interlocutors, seem to be so attractive!

4.Confidence adds much to a person`s attractiveness. If you feel yourself comfortable in your own body, then people around will take you positively.

5.Determination matters so much! A person who isn`t afraid of taking decisions is the one who is needed in today`s world. This trait is essential in modern life and very desirable in a relationship.

6.A person`s sense of purpose, the ability to fight for his/her goals shows others that everything`s possible. This trait is much attractive and inspiring.

7.The lack of grace in your movements can ruin even the most perfect image. If a person moves gracefully while walking and dancing and pays attention to his/her body language and manners, people won`t be able to take their eyes of him/her.

8.Sensuality (natural sexuality) makes attractive anybody. People subconsciously fall after a sensual person, even he/she has a rather plain appearance.

9.A person`s originality can be very attractive in our world where most people are similar. Even something that you don`t like in yourself, maybe some small detail, can seem very attractive to others because it makes you unique. So, don`t to change yourself, try to make all your traits to be your advantages.

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