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Beautiful Isolated Homes


In the farthest corners of the world you’ll find homes tucked away, out of sight from humans’ prying view. These gorgeous home back up to amazing scenery, including mountains oceans and forests.


Cliff House, Arnarstapi

This shining white jewel built on the rust colored volcanic cliff is located outside a small fishing village in Western Iceland.


Hermitage of San Colombano, Italy

This church-turned-home was built all the way back in 1319, and is almost 400 feet up the mountain cliff.


Wheat Farm, South Australia

This farmhouse sits vacant alongside the Barrier Highway, a sparsely settled stretch of road that travels through the remote Barrier Range.


Katskhi Pillar, Central Georgia

One lonely monk has inhabited this high-up home for over 20 years. I bet he has some great ideas for one-person games!


Coastal Red House, Norway

This stunning setting is enhanced by the bright red house nestled against the icy Norwegian cliffs. I hope there is a warm fire burning inside.


Bajina Basta, Serbia

Equipped with a kayak and life preserver, the owner of this home is an avid outdoorsman.


Elliday Hunting Lodge, Iceland

This house is actually a private hunting lodge used by members to hunt Puffin, an indigenous species of bird similar to Penguins.


Just Room Enough Island, Canada

When the tide is high at this lake, the waves often crash against the walls of the house. But luckily, the home owners thought about this and fortified everything.


Abandoned Home, Alberta

Isolated amongst the fallow wheat fields of Western Canada, this cabin could serve as a quaint retreat after a bit of TLC.


Cottage In The Woods, Scotland

This setting would be the perfect place for telling fairy tales, you almost expect Hansel and Gretel to come walking out the front door.


Hofskirkja, Iceland

Situated right next to an out-dated cemetery, this home is the perfect setting for a scary movie!


Red House By The Sea, Iceland

Iceland seems to be one of the most stunning places on earth. Imagine living in this charming house, with breathtaking views in every direction!


Hobbit House, Wales

This adorable home was built in four months by a father and son. It was hollowed out from the side of a hill to keep it as protected from the elements as possible and that saved on material costs.


Home Hidden In The Vines, Glyn Ebwy, Wales

It almost seems that the forrest is reclaiming this structure.


Icelandic Meadow Retreat

Once again Iceland makes an appearance, the purple flowers surrounding this remote cabin are so richly colorful, add the majestic snow peaked mountains to the background and you have a postcard worthy setting.

I was  driving on Iceland's Route 1 Ring Road and snapped this picture from the window while driving. I was struck by the beautiful transition of color from the sky to the purple meadow.  What a place to call home.

Apuseni Mountains, Romania

This home on the hills may seem like it belongs in a dream, but it’s real. The hills entrap the mist in the morning and the homeowners get to enjoy a moment of being in a cloud.


Dodecanese, Greece

This is the stuff Greek myths are made of. The tiny home on the isolated island only has one way off and one way on. Do you think you could live in a place that secluded?


Hungarian Vineyard

Miles and miles of grapes surround this remote vineyard, Hungary is renowned for their wine and this isolated winery is beyond charming.


Highland Farm Holiday Cottage, Scottland

Vacation time! This rustic cabin outside of Plockton can be rented by the public, it would be a peaceful place to spend a fortnight.


The Crystal Mill, Colorado

This little wooden home was originally built in the 1890s and was added to National Register of Historic Places on July 5, 1985.


Faroe Islands, Denmark

The Faroe islands are located in the North Atlantic, the archipelago is an independent country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Their national anthem is entitled «Thou, My Most Beauteous Land» I can see why.


Deep Inside Russia

Russian winters get notoriously cold. They average 5 degrees Fahrenheit and often rely on wood fireplaces when they’re this far out in the boondocks.


Casa do Penedo (House of Stone), Portugal

With no electricity, this house relies entirely on candlelight. Even though it may sounds like it was built hundreds of years ago, it was actually constructed a little more than 40 years ago in 1974.


These home owners enjoy a life of extreme solitude. It take a special type of person to be able to live day-in and day-out without much human interaction but they wouldn’t have it any other way.


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