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This is how your emotions make you gain weight.


When we feel sad we often use food to fight the stress and depression. You know, that delicious chocolate cake seems so comforting… We want to run away from our emotions and feelings and often seek solace in sugary, high-fat foods.

But no hole in the soul can be filled with food.

Our body reflects our emotional and mental state. Every cell in our body is created to interpret our thoughts, words, emotions into defensive actions. Our reactions to different life situations lead to changes in our body and affect our physical appearance.

According to ‘The Book of Human Emotions: An Encyclopedia of Feeling from Anger to Wanderlust’,

“Fat can be accumulated from a desire to defend oneself- against other people’s demands, against being treated frivolously or only as a sexual object. Food can be a way of bolstering ourselves against an oncoming stress, or showing some kindness to ourselves when we feel overlooked.”

If we feel insecure, we are often prone to suppress fears and stress. It leads to frustration. In such state the cells of our body receive the signal to switch on a “mode of defense”. For this the cells have to surround themselves with more fat and store more fat in the body.

Moreover, studies have proved that in stressful situation our body produces adrenaline that makes fat cells release fatty acids in the bloodstream to be used as energy.

Boredom, loneliness, anxiety, all these emotions affect our eating habits and food choice and have great impact on our fat storage levels.

So, to keep fit we shouldn`t let our emotions control our eating habits. But how do it, you ask? Just be attentive to youself, try to understand what you feel.

Take care of yourself

Self-care is a very important part of coping with stress. Form a positive attitude to everything by meditating, relaxing and surrounding yourself with positive people. Instead of worrying or getting angry about your relationships with your partner, family or friends think of yourself, catering your needs first.

Comforting yourself with food because somebody`s insulted you is not an act of self-care, but doing yoga for your own pleasure is. Reading self-help books and watching inspirational films can help you to see the life positively.

Keep a food diary

Write down the type of food you are eating, describing the feelings that made you choose this particular dish, how do you feel after eating, what else would you like to eat. These records will help to understand your food habits, moods and behaviors. You`ll see, whether you made good or bad food choices, was that food used to beat sadness or anger or you eat it consciously.

Vary your work outs

To lose weight effectively it`s better to combine different types of exercises — yoga, cardio, stretches, tai chi. If you stick to  one particular kind of cardio, jogging or cycling for instant, it only increases stress level in your body. Try to add resistance exercises or yoga to your routine.  

Take up a hobby

Of course, working out is the main tool of losing eight, but a new activity or hobby can be a very effective tool of reducing stress and distract you from your anxiety. Instead of seeking solace in food, you can find joy in doing something interesting. It may be dancing, gardening or something to your taste. When you do what you really like, it causes only positive emotions and comforts you better than cakes.

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