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Don`t post these photos of your kids on the Internet


Look around and meet the reality! We live in a cruel world. So think twice when you want to share something on social media.

So, don`t share these photos:

1. Other people`s children

Every family has its own poin of view on sharing kids`photos, so you must ALWAYS ask for a permission before posting snaps with other people`s kids.

2.Nude or toilet training photos


For parents it seems to be so funny and exciting all these diaper-free baby moments. But when your kids will be growing such things may seem rather embarassing and humiliating to them. So leave such snaps for your family album.

3. Kid`s fails

Of course, your toddler doesn’t care that you posted a photo of that time he had an accident on his bike or his sibling painted him from top to toes. A 2-year-old won’t care, but a 10-year-old would — and so would you if someone shared photo like that of you.

4. Photos with their full name

Again, think in what a crazy digital world we live. Everything posted on the Internet remains there.  Even if this potty-sitting photo is so adorable now it doesn`t mean it will be something your kid would like to reveal when somebody is googling him in future.

5. Their route to school

Unfortunately, our surrounding is not always totally safe and while your daily walks to school may seem totally harmless, posting the photos can leave a lot of information for someone to get access to.


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