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Who are Old Souls and how to recognize them?


There are some people among us who feel much older than they are. It seems they don`t belong to this world or this period of time. They are referred as Old Souls and often find themselfes alone and isolated almost from birth. Such loneliness isn`t out of antisocial temperament, they are just old inside. These people`s otlook in life is just different and more matured than others`.

Insted of money, power and success most Old Souls long for a sense of true meaning and personal fulfillment. Instinctively they know that life is a spiritual journey and at it`s end they will “return back home.”

Here are 8 signs of an Old Soul.

1. A preference of solitude

As Old Souls don`t find mutual interests with people of their age-group, they tend to make friends with those who are much older than they are. But often such unlikely relationships don`t happen, so Old Souls find themselves alone a lot of the time.

2. A thirst for knowledge, truth and wisdom

The intellectual side of life really attracts Old Souls. They feel that truth and wisdom will make them happy and free.

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3. Spiritual inclination

Fostering love, seeking enlightenment, giving peace — these are the directions in which an Old Soul explores life. They pay attention to signs and don`t miss the hints the life gives them.

4. Indifference to wealth, fame and status

An Old Soul doesn`t see the purpose in pursuing materialistic values. They know life is to short and precious to spend it on things that can be easily lost, things that can`t bring them personal development or enlightenment.

5. An ability for deep introspection

Old Souls think a lot. They think about everything. They learn life lessons out of every situation in their life and lives of other people. They analyze every detail and accumulate information because knowledge and experience is their biggest wealth.

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6. Understanding the transience of life

Keeping in mind all the reminders of the mortality of this world makes Old Souls weary and tired but at the same time it helps them to make life choices wisely.

7. Seeing the bigger picture

They often look at life from a higher perspective, so such miserable things as job promotions, plastic surgery or new Iphone don`t matter to them. Old souls tend to see issues as temporary pains that serve to personal growth and make future joy felt more intensively.

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8. Intuition and fearlessness

Old Souls don`t remember but «feel» their past experiences of living many lives, that`s why these people have very high level of intuition. This ability helps them to avoid fears and hesitation when they have to take an important decision.

Realizing that a person is an Old Soul explains much about his/her way of life and it can help people around to understand him/her better.




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