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How babies` souls choose their mothers


Some mothers noticed that little children remember where they came from, how they chose mother and some other tiny details. We`ve prepared the most amazing stories about children`s memories before their born.

A woman whose son is 3 years old told me the following.

I was cooking dinner. To calm down my little fidget I gave him all our photos. Suddenly my son ran up to me holding a black-and-white photo where I was a teen. I was depicted with my mother (who had died before my son was born). My son said:

I remember this green dress! You missed a bus that day!

I was very surprised. I asked him:

Sonny, how do you know? Did father tell you?

He answered:

No. I saw you from above. They showed you to me and told that you would be my mother.

After that I began to ask my friends and acquaintances about this phenomena and I found out that not only my kid remembers how he was looking at his future mom from somewhere before he was born.


My friend told me that her daughter recently said:

Mom! Some old man with a fluffy red beard said hello to all of you and he also promised to pray for us!

The old man with a red beard was my friend`s`s grand grandfather. She has seen him only once when she was a little girl and his only black-and-white photo of poor quality was kept by her mother. No one had shown her daughter that photo: looking at black-and-white photos isn`t interesting for a child of that age. After talking to her mother my friend made a conclusion that her daughter has really met her grand grandfather before her born!

Then on the playground I had a talk with one more woman.

Her son once told her that he and other children had been shown some screens with men and women and they should choose their parents.


Another woman who is a mother of Mary, aged 4, told me that once her daughter said:

When they were sending me to your tummy they said that you would give me a name of one good woman who would help me.

The girl didn`t know that when her mommy, being pregnant, slipped and fell. And one woman helped her, took her to a hospital and stayed there until she made sure that everything was all right. That woman`s name was Mary. The mother decided to call her baby Mary for that kind woman.

The most amazing is a story about a girl whose name is Kate.

At the age of 2.5 she surprised her parents saying that her mother and father had been also chosen by two boys at the same time. But one of them wasn`t allowed to choose these parents and the other was told to get ready. A year later that woman had a miscarriage – they lost a boy. And in two more years a healthy baby son was born in their family. They kept in mind their daughter`s prediction and shared their story with us.

That`s what amazing stories have happened! Now my baby is little and he can`t talk but who knows what he will tell me when he gets a little older! I believe that we are sent to the Earth by angels and that children can chose their future parents from above.    

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