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How to cut up a chicken in 5 minutes?

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1 whole chicken

Prep time: 5 minutes
Ready in: 10 minutes


Most of us have got used to buying a cut up chicken in the shop. If you need breasts- here you are ready breasts, if you want leg quarters — they are ready for you. But sometimes there may be a situation when we have a whole chicken but we don`t know how to cut it up.

But it`s really easy! In 5 minutes you can get it all: leg quarters, breasts and chicken carcass!


First of all we should prepare the chicken, so wash and dry it with paper towels.

Now we can begin cutting it up.

First incise the chicken along thighs and break it in the backbone. Separate ‘legs’ and ‘breasts’ with a knife.

With a knife and scissors cut off the thighs along the backbone. Now we get 2 leg quarters.

Then separate wings from the breasts, take off the skin and separate the breasts from bones. Here we are! We`ve got leg quarters, breasts and chicken carcass only in 5 minutes!

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