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Find out what you should be eating according to your zodiac sign!


We get used to check our horoscopes for choosing a job or a kind of workout, dating advice, even travel destination. And now it`s time to find out what to eat for dinner! Here are rather appetizing meal suggestions from  Tali Edut of the Astrotwins.



If you’re an aries, stick to quick, simple meals. Whip up an easy sandwich or something that takes under 30 minutes to make. Since you’re a fire sign you could also throw together a grill-focused meal, like burgers. If it’s takeout you’re after, grab something fast like pizza or tacos.









Go for something decadent, preferably a meal featuring a rich sauce. If you’re cooking, an easy pasta with cream sauce fits the bill. Otherwise, go for a French restaurant, since you have a special place in your heart for French cuisine. And whatever you’re eating, make sure it pairs well with wine!









It’s all about the finger food. You like to move around and try as many new things as possible. If you’re at home, throw together some small smorgasbord-platter type of bites. Maybe frozen apps from Trader Joe’s; or grab some hummus, pita, olives, cheese, etc. If you’re going out, head to a food truck or tapas spot. Whatever it is should be a choose-your-own-adventure meal.








Comfort food is the way to go. You can never go wrong throwing together an easy homemade take on mac and cheese or another cheesy pasta dish. Hearty chicken soup or fried chicken are the perfect picks.










You tend to go a little over-the-top (in the best way possible) when choosing your meals. You love piling on the toppings at choose-your-own ingredients types of restaurants. And you always enjoy being a part of the process. Make a salad at home, or hit up a build-your-own sandwich or burrito spot. You also have a sweet tooth so it wouldn’t be entirely out of the realm of possibility to head to a fro-yo bar, load up on toppings, and call it dinner.








You’re a bit of a health nut, and while you love simple eats, you also keep up to date on the latest health trends. Make yourself an easy quinoa bowl or splurge on a few rolls of sushi.










You want something decadent but you also love animals. So, even if you’re not vegan, tonight’s dinner is meat-free. Make yourself a veggie stir-fry noodle dishes or head to a ramen bar for a vegetarian take on the comforting bowl. Either way, go for something clean, but a little fancy!









You love mystery, and the spicier your food, the better. If you’re making something at home, make sure you’ve got a new exotic hot sauce on hand. Or order a Middle Eastern kebob platter with extra-spicy sauce. You’re also into aphrodisiacs, so hit up an oyster happy hour or go with seafood in honor of your water sign.









You’re an international globetrotter. So even if you’re not currently on vacation, try a new worldly cuisine. Pack yourself a picnic and eat it somewhere interesting or just dine in a new and different restaurant. The «how» of dinner matters just as much to you as the food itself, so do some googling before you leave work!









For your sign, eating is all about convenience and efficiency. Make or order a wrap sandwich, a burrito, or a bento box. If you’re cooking, do the prep work in advance. You might want to work over dinner, so whatever it is should pair well with your laptop. If you’re taking a much deserved break, the earth sign in you is screaming for you to hit up your local farmers’ market and whip up a healthy salad. Even if you end up putting it in a tupperware and bringing it back to the office.








You enjoy food that’s unusual, eclectic, and almost sci-fi. If you’re making dinner for yourself go for an interesting microwavable meal or make an easy base for something you can top with a runny fried egg. If you’re going out, find a Korean hot pot or fondue place. For a splurge, a restaurant focused on molecular gastronomy will be right up your alley.








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