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Muslim Hijabi ballerina is struggling for her dream


Stephanie Kurlow is 14-year-old girl from Sydney who is crowdfunding to become a first hijabi ballerina in the world.

She has been dancing ballet since she was two but when her family converted to Islam about 6 years ago Stephanie had to quit ballet. She didn`t manage to find the school that could accept her wearing hijabi to class.

The girl has launched a crowd-sourcing initiative to raise money to pay her tuition and 1 year studying at ballet school. But in future Stephanie hopes to open a diverse performing arts academy for teens and children of different beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

I will provide for our future generations a chance to express and heal themselves and others through the magnificent art of performing and creativity.


Her family, friends and many people from all over the world support her initiative. She says though her new religion initially prevented her from dancing ballet it also gave her many other opportunities. Though some strict Muslims leave negative comments in social networks Kurlow remains commited to her goal.

 I think that’s what may have stopped some other Muslims from following a career they want, but I know what I’m doing is right and I’m going to keep doing it.

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