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This ancient mosaic became a new meme of the Internet!


While excavating a site on the Turkish-Syrian border, where ancient Greek-Roman city of Antiocheia once thrived, archelogists just dug an interesting mosaic that dates back 2,400 years. One of its fragments depicts a skeleton in a relaxed pose with a drinking bowl in his hand. Next to him there is a phrase: «Be cheerful, enjoy your life». The Internet liked this piece of aincient humor, so the photos went viral.

The mosaic actually consists of three parts which symbolize two things that were highly appreciated by ancient Romans: bathing and eating.

The fragment to the right is unfortunately eroded by time, but you still can discern a dark-skinned figure throwing fire, which symbolizes a warm bath. The middle part depicts a young men in a toga hurrying to a sundial. The time on the dial is between 9 pm and 10 pm. In Ancient Rome 9 pm was bathing time and 10 pm was time for dinner. It was very inappropriate to be late for dinner.

The image of a «reckless skeleton», as archeologists call him, on the third fragment proves that long before the skeleton memes flooded the Internet, ancient people considered such pictures hilarious, too.

Here is one more bony guy holding two wine jugs. He`s obviously ready to party to death.

And what do you think about this sexy guy who is lying in a seductive pose with the words : «Know thy self» beneath him?

OK, maybe these pictures are a bit creepy, but we should admit they are still hilarious in some way.





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