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Read it especially if you are very BUSY


Once Satan called all demons for The World Congress.

In his opening speech he said:

We can`t prevent Christians from going to church. We can`t prevent them from reading the Bible. We can`t prohibit them to pray to God. As soon as they establish the contact with Christ we lose our power over them.


Let them go to their churches but we`ll steal their time so that they being always BUSY won`t be able to pray and repent and develop their relationship with Christ.

Here is what you should do”,— devil said. “You should prevent them from coming in touch with God and to maintain this connection during the day”.

How shall we do that?— the demons asked.

Make them niggle and find many ways to occupy their minds with different unnecessary things. And the most important task is to instill them the desire for material goods and enrichment – for mammon. Let them feel the desire for earning much money and buy themselves cars and houses.


Let them earn more and more money to go to cafes, restaurants, to buy expensive fashionable clothes, to make expensive repairs in their apartments and buy modern furniture. Tempt them to spend, spend and borrow, take credits for many years and get into banks peonage. And when they feel the passion for enrichment they won`t need Christ…

Persuade their wives to stay at work longer, and their husbands to work for 6-7 days a week, for 10-12 hours a day so they have no time for their families and their children. Don`t allow them to spend their time with their kids. Let their children hang around all day long and make friends with bad companies so they will quit studying and grow into nobody special. Then their families will fall apart and we`ll help them to take to drink.


Overstimulate their minds so that the computers and TVs in their homes work continuously and they spend most of the time in front of a computer or a TV-set and they have no time to pray. Ensure that in every shop or restaurant of the world non Christian music is played. It will block their minds and prevent them from communication with Christ…

Put lots of newspapers and magazines on the tables of cafes. Bombard their minds with a great amount of news and advertisements for 24 hours. Let lots of billboards attract their attention on their way. Fill their mailboxes with advertisements, catalogues for mail order, information bulletins, offers of goods and services for free and of false hopes.

Show nice slim models on TV and in magazines so the husbands believe that external beauty is the most important thing and they become unpleased with their wives. Make their wives to be too tired to love their husbands at night. If they don`t give their husbands the love they need they will search for it in some other places. It will destroy their families very quickly.

At Christmas and Easter draw away their attention to the festive fuss, concerts on TV and drunken feasts so they won`t teach their children the real meaning of Christmas and Easter.

Make them return tired even from their vacation. Make them to be always too BUSY to go to the countryside and enjoy the God`s creation. Instead of this let them go to entertainment parks, sport events, games, concerts, movies. And let all the Christians be always BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Fill their lives with such amount of good  things that they won`t have enough time to apply to Christ.


Soon they will live and work relying only on themselves, sacrificing their health and their families for their business and money. It will work! It`s an excellent plan!

The demons with pleasure went to do the task, making Christians to get busier and to hurry here and there leaving less time for God, praying and their families. The question is whether Devil`s managed to realize his plan. You decide!

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