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Find out whether your job is good enough


Ask yourself these simple questions and it can help you to check the reality and determine your priorities.

  1. Is the work I do worthwhile? Do I help people? Am I contributing anything important and valuable to the world? We feel worthwhile if we do something worthwhile and for some people it really matters and compensates for any shortcomings in their job.
  2. Do I enjoy what I am doing? Does this work give me a kind of pleasure? If you enjoy the process you feel happy and satisfied.
  3. Does my job help me to developIf your work allows you to learn new knowledge and skills then it is an investment of your time. But you should think about change if it doesn’t contribute to your further development and growth.
  4. Does this job lead to somewhere I want to go? Is this experience useful in preparing you for something else you might want to do?
  5. Do I get a good salaryAre you well paid for what you do on the objective assessment?
  6. How do I get on with my boss and my colleagues? Getting on with your boss and stuff is an important aspect of your work. Friendly atmosphere and supporting each other can make up for other problems.
  7. Can I do things my way and apply my creativityFor some people it is the most important feature of their job.  Does it matter for you?
  8. Do I have enough free time to live my life? Sometimes work takes too much time at the expense of your personal life. Most people would like to spend more time with their families. You should balance work time and free time in order to avoid feeling guilty and unhappy.
  9. Is my job considered to be prestigiousIt makes difference for some people and they feel proud telling others where they work and what they do.

Now check your answers. The more positive answers the better. Take into account the priorities of the questions. For example you like doing your job and it contributes to your professional growth, so no matter it is low paid and take too much time.


If your negative answers overweight your positive answers and the questions are in your top priorities you should think about what are your life goals and it may be the very time to look for a better job.


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