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The meaning of the rings on our five fingers


Do you wear rings? At which finger? You may have ever wonder, beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, the meaning of a ring on the index or middle finger, on the right or the left hand… You are right, there is undeniably one. Discover it in this article.

We have five fingers on each hand: They are thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. Each finger has specific characteristics, both positive and sometimes negative. rings are accessories that amplify, diminish or channel these natural features. To know the meaning and symbolism of rings according to each finger can thus help improve the well-being and reveal self-expression.

The Giving Right Hand and Receiving Left Hand

This is the first thing we should think over carefully about the placement of a ring. The meanings of our hands are different. The right hand is the «giving» hand, yang in China. On the opposite, the left hand is the receptive hand, yin.

To understand this easily, here’s a simple example. When we put our rings on the right hand, we actually focus on the active qualities associated with it, according to the selected finger, as giving, sharing and creating … We use our right hand to give energy. If we want to receive special qualities, it will be more appropriate to put a ring on the specific finger on the left hand. For lefties, the situation will be reversed.

With our two hands, we are able to combine these two aspects which are essential to our well-being.

Different cultures emphasize either the giving aspect or the receiving aspect of our hands.. Here’s an interesting example: a wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of left hand in most Christian Culture . On the opposite, in other parts of the world, some people wear it on the right hand. This reflects different ways of thinking and a different approach in the couple and family relationship.
The choice couls be interpreted as follows: People carrying their weading ring on the right hand believe that marriage is not only to be loved, but also to give more and to love in return. For people who wear their wedding rings on the left hand, it is more important to be loved than to love.

Positive and negative aspect of these characteristics

As we have said before, each of our five fingers has different characteristics. They are normally positive, but sometimes ut sometimes when over-emphasized they often turn out to be negative. For example, the index finger represents ambition and self-confidence of Jupiter. These two qualities can quickly turn into arrogance and greed when taken to an extreme.
Another example is the little finger of Mercury, which is the god of swift-thinking. But with all communicative skills and no truth, even a good god becomes a con artist.
All the characteristics of each finger have both positive and negative aspects. Keep this in mind and be aware before putting a ring on a finger. Because the effects can be subtle at first, but they get worse over time.

Characteristics of the five fingers

The index finger-Jupiter

Jupiter is the supreme god of the Romans, therefore, he embodies self-confidence, ambition, and leadership.

With the index, we focus on the external aspects of our lives such as our relationships with others. Accessorize this finger will enhance the characteristics that we discussed above.


The middle finger- Saturn

The middle finger embodies Saturn. Saturn has been called “the balance wheel of the hand”, or  the balance wheel of our personalities. It is a symbol of good and evil, truth-seeking, obedience to the law.
To emphasize the function of Saturn is to emphasize the sense of right and wrong. It can tell us what is proper in a given situation. Saturn also embodies introspection.


The ring finger- Apollo

The ring finger is called Apollo for good reason. It’s the most emphasized finger. Apollo represents the creativity in art and other fields. It is also the culture of love and beauty.
Wearing a ring on this finger will lead us to grace, love, beauty and compassion.


The little finger- Mercury

The little finger embodies Mercury. It represents the power of the communication. It is not only oral skills. It’s all communication skills, including intuition for information and sensitivity to these data.


The thumb

The thumb represents the characteristic of personal and universal will. It’s the only finger that is not named after a Roman god, but that does not mean it is not important. On the contrary.
Everyone needs this quality.
Because it is essential, you must be careful of wearing a ring on the thumb and be alert to changes that occur during the time you wear it.


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