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The most «explosive» granny of Instagram becomes an ambassador of a youth brand


This 88-year old raver is much more popular than many celebrities, beauty-vlogers or fitness-models. Helen Ruth van Winkle AKA Baddie Winkle lives an active social-media life posting videos and photos of herself on Instagram and Twitter inspiring more than 2,4 million followers.

It may seem that this granny is weird and crazy: we don`t often see elderly people wearing provocative clothes, partying and doing like they are a teen. But actually there is a heartwarming story behind Baddie Winkles joyful lifestyle.

Helen Ruth van Winkle has lived through many struggles in her life. After she lost her son several years ago she felt depressed and heartbroken. She tried to find way out of that depression, but nothing really helped. Helen couldn`t fill the hole in her heart.

“One day, I was laying out in the sun, and I put on some tie-dyed shirt and a pair of cutoff shorts of my [great-]granddaughter Kennedy’s. She came home and said, ‘Oh, Granny, you look so cute! Let me take a pic of you.’ — here is how everything began.”

That snap was posted to Instagram and they got a huge feedback. A raver`s culture became Helen`s vent: her great-granddaughter helps her to create bright rebellious looks and supports her as a good friend.

After becoming a real Internet sensation Baddie Winkle attracted interest of fashion industry. Last year she took part in DimePiece Campaign and that was a great marketing idea.

Картинки по запросу DimePiece baddie

And today this badass granny is the coolest model representing party clothes collection for Misguided because who else can do it better?


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