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This Couple’s Bathing Suit Photo Went Viral For the Very Best Reason


This is Jasmine “Jazzy” Owens. She’s a wife, mother, and an aspiring model, who promotes self-love and body positivity on Instagram.

“In my life I have always battled myself. Judging myself on what I look like and how I act, ” she captioned this photo.” Never letting myself get out of my comfort zone because I didn’t want to be criticized anymore then I had already been. Now that I am feeling more confident in my body I can see that I have been my own worst enemy in life. I have been so hard on myself I have held myself back from so many opportunities and experiences I could have enjoyed this far. Sometimes the hardest thing to compete with is ourself! We have to stop putting ourselves down and holding ourselves back! There is a beautiful world that we should be enjoying instead of hiding from it. Stop competing with yourself!”

And she also kills it in the gym.

Captioning this photo:

“To all the haters out there that have been talking about me as if I’m just fat, unhealthy, and not doing nothing about it! Even though I owe you NO type of explanation! I wanted to share with y’all proof that I do go to they gym and I am very healthy!!! 

Now to the men and women that are body positive along side of me, just because we love our bodies doesn’t mean we can’t take care of our bodies! Loving yourself does not mean that you just let yourself go. When you love yourself truly you want to take care of your body. Good eating habits and exercise are key to staying healthy and hey if that results in weight loss that’s ok and if it doesn’t that’s ok too. It’s not about being skinny or being fat it’s about being healthy.”

And to say that people found her inspiring would be an understatement…

“I feel like I just read a page out of the book of my life!” another one commented.

And Jazzy was the one saying something the next morning after her photo viral.

If you take nothing else away from this, just remember: “We don’t have to be what the media wants us to be. We’re all beautiful.”


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