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To get a 7-8 in. cake you need:

15.9 oz. Mascarpone
6.3 oz. powdered sugar
3 eggs
1-2 tbsp. brandy, rum or cognac
1 tbsp. cocoa
2 packs (48 pieces) Savoiardi biscuits or sponge fingers

Yield: 8-10 portions

Hi, everyone!

How much time does it take you to make a cake or some other dessert?

At least an hour or even an hour and a half. Today we at suggest you to make the tenderest dessert Tiramisu. Making it takes only 30 minutes! You get 2 in 1: a cake and a dessert. Everything depends on how you want to serve it.

There are lots of different recipes of this dessert. You can`t decide which one is the best without making it. We want to share our version of preparing this wonderful dessert.

To begin with, make a very strong coffee without sugar, filter it and leave to cool off. Add alcohol.

While coffee is cooling off, separate yolks from whites. Beat the yolks with 3.2 oz. powdered sugar. Add Mascarpone and stir carefully with an electric mixer at low speed until you get a homogeneous mass. You can use a spatula instead of a mixer. Then whisk egg whites until stiff peaks, gradually adding the rest of powdered sugar.

Then fold Mascarpone mixture into whipped cream by portions.

Stir CAREFULLY with a spatula, don`t let the whites to lose the form. Now the cream is ready! That all took us about 15 minutes. Let`s go on! Dip each Savoiardi biscuit into coffee for 1 second and layer them one by one into a serving dish.

For dessert bowls:

1. A little cream.
2. A layer of Savoiardi, dipped in coffee.
3. A good layer of cream.

For a portion dessert:

1. A little cream.
2. A layer of Savoiardi, dipped in coffee.
3. A good layer of cream.
4. A layer of Savoiardi, dipped in coffee.
5. One more layer of cream.

For a cake:

1. With a pastry bag put a little cream in a circle.
2. Make a «fence» of biscuits.
3. Put out the first layer of cream.
4. A layer of dipped in coffee biscuits.
5. A good layer of cream.
6. A layer of biscuits.
7. One more layer of cream.
8. A layer of biscuits.
9. The last layer of cream.

After covering the dessert with the last layer of cream, sprinkle it with cocoa lavishly. Remember! Tiramisu should be covered with a GOOD layer of cocoa! A little of cocoa won`t do! Then put into a cold place for a couple of hours. It can be left overnight.

Enjoy it with tea!

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