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When a strong man comes


Sometimes in the woman`s life appears a very strong man with powerful energy. He can be easily felt even with your back, a woman`s body reacts to his presence.

With such a man even the most active and dynamic woman with a cheeky character becomes a little bird and all her feminine features arouse. She wants to cook for him, clean up, take care of him wait for his arrival from work and maybe for the first time she thinks:

I want to have a baby with this man.

Usually with this man she gets the real pleasure of sex, she has clear and strong feelings, femininity arouse in her at the hormonal level. She adores his scent, his body, his voice and look in his eyes… She can be weak and silly near him, but it doesn’t confuse her, otherwise it makes her smile and think how pleasant to be weak for a while. She doesn’t want to argue or to prove anything to him. For the first time in her life she wants to obey!

And then (in a week/a month / a year of these relations) most women make the same mistake: they adjust to their men, try to please them. Then appear questions such as: “What`s wrong?”, “Dear, is everything good?”, “What should I bring? What should I give? What should I change in myself?”. A woman will do anything to keep him. She feels that she isn’t ready for such relationship and tries to countervail it by outward enhancement. She is really afraid of losing him. In fact she needs not him but the state of awakened nature which she experienced near him. And she makes hyper efforts to become the best, which distract the man even more.

Eventually he leaves


In most cases such men appear in a woman`s life and leave to show her that she isn`t ready for mature relationship. He doesn’t need a slave, a servant, but a woman whose love refills him! He teaches her to live in a harmony with her nature and lets her realize how much love she`s got inside.

If there is or was such a man in your life you are lucky and unlucky at the same time.

Not all people meet their true love, and you are lucky to love deeply. When a woman remembers about her experience of such feeling with love and gratitude she harmonizes automatically, her energy stables and she renews her femininity. If you`ll get courage to expand your boundaries, if you remain happy and balanced notwithstanding the fact he`s left, you`ll be able to be with this man and your union will be strong and long lasting.

You are not lucky because with such a man you`ll experience the biggest stresses. You`ll be continuously taught to live freely and happily without attachments.

We get into relationship not because of people but because of their energetic and the feelings we experience with them. Live in the state of love and gratitude!

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